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Frequently Asked Question!

A good landscaper has the willingness and commitment to understanding the client and what their needs are, what their long-term and short-term goals are and the general motivation behind the project. They take the time to find out if they are simply replicating something they have seen somewhere else and to understand the true value of the project. In other words, finding a good landscaper is about much more than just their skill level. It should be based on whether they’re taking the time to ask the right questions, meet with the client to survey and assess the property, research and give feedback, comments and suggestions before even offering any type of official agreement. You also want to find out if they follow up in a timely fashion and if they have a team of supportive professionals behind them.

One of the most common misconceptions seems to be in terms of pricing. Although we go above and beyond to provide our customers with competitive rates, oftentimes, people have worked with unlicensed teams in the past who have caused them to have unrealistic expectations in terms of pricing. Customers often do not realize how involved these processes are in terms of materials, labor, inspections, safety precautions, warranties, etc.

One of the most common questions landscapers typically receive are about costs. People want to know why things cost the price that they do. The answer is always that in order to ensure quality workmanship that is up to code, we need to use certain types of materials and take the time to really ensure each project is built to perfection.

It all depends on the type of work one is seeking. One lesser-known term is Soil Conservation Society. This is an organization that surveys soil to assess its quality and general level of safety. Many projects require these assessments before moving forward. Also, a landscape architect is someone who assesses, analyzes and surveys environments before people begin building on them.

Also, customers need to know the landscaping terms, “landscape design plan” and “hardscape design plan”. These terms are imperative, especially for clients with little to no idea about what they want or what is or isn’t workable based on the size and location of the land they have acquired.

Firstly, for those who are concerned about the health and safety of their lawns and shrubbery, Sponzilli uses all organic lawn care products. There are many companies that are not yet green-friendly. That is why it’s important to do your research before working with a landscaping company.