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Albeit Almasry Group

Albeit Almasry Group

Preparing New Generations

Target Academy is a social enterprise that qualifies young cadres by delivering entrepreneurial skills that offer a range of quality home & garden products assembled by well-trained special landscapers.

Target Academy

With over 100.000 sq. m. of land within EGYPT. Nbatat Co. has become a renowned and recognized company within the horticultural industry. We own and manage the largest nurseries setup on The north coast, which Have a wide selection of plants ranging from the exotic to the more familiar.

Sustainable Landscape

A sustainable landscape is designed to be both attractive and in balance with the local climate and environment and it should require minimal resource inputs.

Thus, our design is functional, cost-efficient, visually pleasing, environmentally friendly, and maintainable. We pay close attention to preserving limited resources, reducing waste, and preventing air, water, and soil pollution.

We focus on compost, fertilization, integrated pest management, using the right plant in the right place, appropriate use of turf, and xeriscaping (water-wise gardening) are all components of sustainable landscaping.